Saturday, 2 April 2011


I decided that I was going to bake a loaf of bread today in preparation for the start of the 21 Dollar Challenge, but when I went to get my yeast out of the cupboard, I realised that it is nearly a year past its used by date! I think that is a good indication of how often I really look in my cupboard..... Hopefully this challenge will make me use what is already available in the house!
I cleaned the food cupboard out yesterday, also in preparation for the challenge, and was really surprised what we have in there, for those of you that have been to my house you know that I have a pretty big cupboard! and its chock a block!!  I tend to have a quick glance, say we have no food and then go down the shop and buy more stuff.

This is my food cupboard:

Just a bit of food in there! hahaha


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  1. Hey good for you...I also just cleaned out my pantry and was surprised at what I found....I will be following along cheering you all the way.